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Florida HOA Laws that Orlando Community Association Managers Should Know

Trying to navigate the HOA laws in Orlando and throughout Florida can be difficult. They are all different, and depending on your community, you’ll have a different and distinct set of rules, regulations, and ordinances you’ll have to follow. There’s a separate set of laws for mobile home communities, condominiums, short-term vacation homes, and timeshares.  Unless you’re an attorney or [...]

Why HOAs Hire Professional Orlando Community Association Managers

Most HOA boards want to provide a pleasant and supportive community for themselves and their fellow homeowners. That can get tricky and time-consuming, which is why working with professional Orlando community association managers is often necessary. At Homevest, we have a lot of experience with HOAs and condo associations. We understand the time requirements and headaches that volunteer boards [...]

Good Communication is the First Thing an Owner Should Expect from an Orlando Property Manager

At Homevest, our high-quality Orlando property management services attract a lot of new owners and investors. Some of these clients come from other property management companies, and the most common reason they decide to leave their former management company is lack of communication.  This is mystifying to us because we know that proactive and responsive communication is critical to the [...]

Orlando Property Managers and the Florida Eviction Process

Generally, Florida is a fairly landlord-friendly state. However, there are strict protections in place for tenants, particularly during the eviction process. When you need to remove a resident from your Orlando rental property, make sure you understand the process and seek professional help.  It’s easy to make a mistake, and even the slightest misstep can force you to start the [...]

What Can Landlords Pay for with Tenant’s Security Deposit? | Orlando Property Management Education

There are strict rules in place that govern security deposits in Orlando. Landlords need to understand how to collect them, where to hold them, and most importantly – how to return them.  If there’s going to be a dispute between tenants and landlords, it will almost certainly be around the security deposit. Typically, tenants always think they should get the [...]

Who’s Responsible for What in an Orlando Rental Property: Landlord or Tenant?

Depending on your own personal experience, you may have expectations or assumptions about what you’re responsible for in a rental property and what your tenant will be required to cover. At Homevest, we work with a lot of investors from overseas who live in countries where tenants typically take care of everything, even the maintenance of a furnace or [...]

Orlando Property Management 101: What is Considered Normal Wear and Tear in a Rental Property?

After a tenant moves out of your property, you’ll need to get inside the home to inspect it for any potential damage. It can be difficult to determine what looks like damage in the property versus what should be considered normal wear and tear.  The definition of wear and tear varies from state to state, and it’s a lot different [...]

What Defines a Good Tenant Screening Process in Orlando?

What Defines a Good Tenant Screening Process in Orlando?

A good screening process results in a well-qualified resident who has a history of paying rent on time and taking care of rental properties. At Homevest, we focus on placing residents who are committed to following the lease terms and want to stay in place for the long term.  Screening is a lot more than credit checks and pay stubs. [...]

Should I Contact an Orlando Property Manager before Buying an Investment Property?

Smart investors know that working with an Orlando property management company can lead to better investment decisions. You need an expert in the local rental market who can talk to you about the property’s potential as a rental home.

How Much Can an Owner Really Save Working with a Professional Orlando Property Manager?

How Much Can an Owner Really Save Working with a Professional Orlando Property Manager?

Owning an Orlando rental property is harder than it seems. While many landlords believe they simply need to place a tenant and collect rent, it doesn’t take them long to realize there are a lot of headaches and hassles involved, not to mention laws, requirements, and responsibilities that take a lot of time and require a lot of knowledge.  The [...]