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Unlike other Oviedo Property Management companies, we believe efficiency and professionalism shouldn’t come with a high price tag. We offer our clients a low, flat monthly fee of only $99/mo. We want you to enjoy the benefits of your investment.

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Homevest is the top Property Management Team in Oviedo with an exceptional customer rating and our affordable flat rate.  If you live in or near Oviedo, and you have questions about renting your property, Seminole County lease contracts, costs of Property Management, property maintenance, or Tenants in general – The Homevest team would love to discuss your options.

Feel free to call or email Homevest, Oviedo Leading Licensed Property Management Team. You can even schedule an appointment or visit our main office at 1300 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL 32806 for more information.

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    As the top Property Management company for Oviedo, we are your trusted experts on the Tenant selection process, Landlord and city concerns, as well as property maintenance. Homevest has a full team of licensed Property Managers and Realtors available at any time.

    Renting Property in Oviedo

    The charming city of Oviedo is located in Central Florida near the city of Orlando. The city has a small-town charm, but has all the amenities of a larger city, including excellent shopping, dining and entertainment. With a population of nearly 36,000 people, the city of Oviedo is small enough to keep that small-town feel but big enough to offer an impressive variety of activities for both visitors and locals.

    The downtown area has recently been updated, giving it a vibrant and attractive look, and it offers unique shopping experiences and great restaurants. Just a short drive away are nature trails and parks for outdoor lovers, such as Big Tree Park and Alafaya Trail Park. Oviedo is home to several educational institutions, including University of Central Florida and Valencia College, which add to the local culture and give locals the opportunity to explore further academic opportunities. With its picturesque views, diverse culture, and excellent location, the city of Oviedo is an excellent destination to explore in Central Florida. At Homevest Property Management, we’d love to hear from you, whether you’re purchasing your first Oviedo property, or a seasoned Landlord looking for an experienced Property Management team.

    For all fee details, see Homevest’s Property Management service page.